Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Team Top Hat

- passmaster (Netherlands)
- quietorchid (USA)
- han_cat (UK)

Team Top Hat's Releases:
Underground: Watership Down
Tables & Chairs: Weekend Woodworking with Power Tools bonus point
Collect the browns: Hit by a Farm
Chance card (give yourself a birthday present): Het perfecte cadeau  Bonus point! 
East: Newfoundland & Labrador
Sports Ground: T.J.'s Secret Pitch
Planes & Trains: Reader's Digest Het beste boek (1977) Bonus Point!
Chance (Rough & Smooth): Bee's Book of Big and Small, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Home: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
Square: Hangover Square, with a catch and the first new member sign up of the game 
Cafes & Restaurants: Playing for Pizza
Community Bookshelf: The Ha-Ha (caught by Team Battleship)
Recommend a Favourite: Five on a Hike Together caught with a new member 
Hotel: Niet meer slapeloos
Parks & Playgrounds: Fietsen door Nederland
Collect the Dark Blues: Bonjour Tristesse / een Verre Glimlach / Houdt U van Brahms Bonus point! and a catch with new member and a re-release and another catch and new member (phew!)
In Jail: The Calculus Affair (Adventures of Tintin)

Passing Go Free Release: Watership Down Bonus Point! The Natural Soap Book

Towel day:
Wearing of the Lilac: Planning Your Wedding

Team Top Hat's Catches:
The Glass Room (GoG's Community Bookshelf release)

Score: 37

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