Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Team Racecar

- Haugtussa (Norway)

Team Racecar's Releases:
Underground: Vår man i Havanna; Den tredje mannen
Lost: Vilsen i världen
Museums & Galleries: Klassiska porslinsdekorer
New Frontiers: Ut i naturen Bonus Point!
Rainbow's End: The Rainbow Bridge which was the first caught book of the game!
School: Jonas
Collect the Pinks: Jeg lovet deg aldri en rosenhave 
Statues & Monuments:  Paradisets portar
Home: Kengus kafe
On the Edge: The Summer Without Men Bonus point!
Collect the Reds: De röda skorna
Tower: Bable Tower  - bonus point
The Fifth DimensionCirkeln with a catch and a new member and a re-release

Cloud Nine: Chocolate for a Woman's Soul
West: Dan Henry i vilda västern

Superspeed: Running in Heels Bonus Point! 
Community Bookshelf: Hiroshima caught!

Passing Go: Mörk kust,    Pippi får besøk

Towel Day: Mostly Harmless catch and new member!
Wearing of the Lilacs: Minnets möjligheter

Team Racecar's catches:
When We Were Orphans

Team Racecar awarded 1 stupid GoG point in recompense for GoG's stupidity :D 

Score: 34

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