Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fanfare Please....

Team Racecar
Team Tulip
Team Boot
Team Train

Team Battleship

Team Train
Team Tulip

Releases this week have been:
Ultima Thule from Team Scottie-Dog
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet from Team Top Hat
Legends and Myths of Hawaii &  The Legend of Bagger Vance from Team Battleship
La cuisine aphrodisiaque from Team Moneybag
Too Close to Home from Team Boot
All the Rivers Run & A Trunk Full of Books from Team Train
Valkoinen hotelli & Isät kulkivat pilven alla from Team Tulip
Ich mach was mit Stoff  & Ich mach was mit Papier from Team Wolf
Vår man i Havanna; Den tredje mannen from Team Racecar

All of which leaves us tipping our caps at Team Top Hat, our winners :) Hurrah!

During the course of our game, 225 books have been released into the wild - of those 28 were caught, with 21 new members signed up and 6 books re-released (so far....). So, frankly, I think we're all kinda winners.

Thanks everyone for playing, I hope you all had fun

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Turn Fifteen - The Final Move

Submit the details of your teams completed challenge - including a link to the book's page (and pictures if you want) - by PMing Vekiki. Please also post on the forum so we can see your release!
Submissions deadline: 21.00 GMT (that's 9 PM, London time) on Monday 22nd October
Refresh on how to play here
Chatter about the turn in the forum

There won't be any bonus points this week as GoG doesn't want to be in a position of effectively choosing the winner by picking who gets the bonuses :)

gameboard in progress

This Turn's Challenges:

Teams Battleship
Castles & Palaces  (Dice Rolls 12)
     + Collect the Greens

Team Boot
Home  (Dice Roll 6)

Team Iron
Chance card: beginnings and endings double release challenge  (dice roll 10)

Team Moneybag

Cloud Nine (dice roll 5)

Team Racecar
Underground (dice roll 8)
     + Passing Go Free Release

Team Scottie Dog
Tower  (dice roll 8)

Team Thimble
Tree (Dice Roll 6)
Team Tophat
Home  (dice roll 4)

Team Train
Water (dice roll 3)
     + collect the utilities

Team Tulip
Hotel (dice roll 2)
     + Collect the Dark Blues

Team Wolf
Tables & Chairs  (dice roll 7)
      + Passing Go Free Release

Have fun! 

Monday, 8 October 2012

Turn Fourteen Releases

A Clue leading to the crime scene...

Team Tulip: Treasure Island released in a bookcrosser's playground - the UK Uncon!
Team Racecar: Dan Henry i vilda västern released at a  book fair on Sweden's West coast
Team Moneybag: Der Angst hat, bist doch du left at the foot of a tower. Les mésaventures de Minty Malone is about a Private Eye who is betrayed by her fiancee, so is released in honour of the colour yellow's association with betrayal (it's a french thing, apparently! To do with the yellow unions, who betrayed the regular unions by returning to work) - the book is left outside a detective's office, of course
Team Scottie-Dog: Stop the World is the biography of a Scottish nationalist, released by the statue of the first First Minister of Scotland
Team Boot: Kruununpuisto left in a historic park. Pay the Devil left by a Halloween Store
Team Train: Southern Cross left at the Southern Cross Arcade. The Golden Compass left at a central train station, from where the finder could take it in any direction
Team Tophat: Reader's Digest Het beste boek (1977) (Reader's Digest Best Books 1977) includes the Great Train Robbery, and was left with a stolen train
Team Battleship: Planes, Jets & Helicopters left at an Army museum full of planes, jets and helicopters
Team Wolf: What's That Pest helps them keep the greenery green in the Botanical Gardens. Venusneid
released at a wedding, in hopes that the finder will be on cloud 9

Team Boot
Bonus Points go to....
Team Tophat for pulling off the theft of the century
Team Scottie-dog for inclusion of political humour
Team Train for most identically named book / location
That book has a yellow belly!

Team Moneybag