Tuesday, 17 January 2012


GoG does not play for points, just for fun!
- Vekiki (UK)

GoG's Releases:

Underground: Rum and Runestones
Community Bookshelf: The Glass Room (book caught by Team Top Hat )
Museums & Galleries;  Made in Britain
Lost: The Rough Guide to Brussels
Rainbow's end: Light Lifting
Power Station: Frankenstein 
Historic Places: On The Origin Of The Species book caught and re-released 
Planes & Trains: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Home The Greatest Sci-fi Movies Never Made
The Fifth Dimension: The Sound of Gravity 
Castles & Palaces : Sandcastles Made Simple
Cloud Nine: Six Easy Pieces

Towel Day: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Wearing if the Lilac: Sourcery

GoG's catches:
Tesla (Team Wolf's community bookshelf release) - book released and re-caught
Fluke (Team Battleship's community bookshelf release)

Team Moneybag

 - Mariesg (France)
 - tobealivre (France)
 - babouchka79 (Germany)

Team Moneybag's Releases
Genre Card (Non-Fiction): Coeur de prêtre, coeur de feu
Museums & Galleries: La hyène with a catch and new member 
In the Middle: La Nuit Qui Ne Finit Pas Bonus Point!
Lost: Das böse Mädchen
Collect the Light Blues: Sa Majesté des Mouches caught with a new member... and a Bonus Point!
New Frontiers: La Voie et sa vertu : Tao-tê-king
Rainbow's End: Mein erster Märchenschatz
School: Le bêtisier du bac
Collect the Pinks: Pink Moon
Stautes & Monuments: Die erstaunliche Geschichte des Max Tivoli 
Home: Le capuchon du moine Bonus Point
On the Edge: Ce que vivent les roses bonus point!
Collect the Reds: 150 petites expériences de psychologie
Cafes & Resturants: 5 fruits et légumes par jour
Square: Le Roi lion

Tower: Der Angst hat, bist doch du
Collect the Yellows: Les mésaventures de Minty Malone
Cloud Nine: La cuisine aphrodisiaque
Community bookshelf: I, Robot (caught by Team Thimble) 

Passing Go Free Release: Chats (Bonus Point!) 

Towel Day: La plage Bonus Point!
Wearing of the Lilacs: Le savoir-vivre des fleurs
Score: 33

Team Wolf

- Wyando (Germany)
- Kiwiinengland (NewZealand)
- Rotewoelfin (Germany)

Team Wolf's Releases:
Tables & Chairs: Ich mach was mit Papier
Genre Card (Poetry): Poems in the Waiting Room
Museums & Galleries: The Girl with the Broken Wing
In the Middle: The Two Towers caught with a new member - Bonus Point!
Lost: Lost In A Good Book Bonus point!
Collect the Blues: Tod und Teufel
Historic Places: Xena
Sports GroundMeine Tage als Spitzenreiter. Letzte Wahrheiten über Fußball
Tree: Anabasis Text in Auswahl 
Collect the Oranges: Oranges are Not the Only Fruit
On the Edge: GeoMap Radwegepläne, Stuttgart und Umgebung Bonus point!
Stautes & Monuments: New Zealand Fishes
Home: Wednesday Wizard
Collect the RedsDer Zauberer von Oz
Fifth Dimension: Flächenland
Castles & Palaces: Alaska
Cloud Nine: Venusneid
Collect the Greens: What's That Pest  
Community bookshelf: A mystery book... Bonus point and book caught... then re-released, and re-caught...

Passing Go Free Release: Togo 1Ich mach was mit Stoff

Towel Day: Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis Bonus Point!
Wearing of the Lilac: Deconstructing Dylan

Team Wolf's catches:
Hiroshima (Team Racecar's community bookshelf release)

A point was stolen by Team Boot

Score: 33

Team Racecar

- Haugtussa (Norway)

Team Racecar's Releases:
Underground: Vår man i Havanna; Den tredje mannen
Lost: Vilsen i världen
Museums & Galleries: Klassiska porslinsdekorer
New Frontiers: Ut i naturen Bonus Point!
Rainbow's End: The Rainbow Bridge which was the first caught book of the game!
School: Jonas
Collect the Pinks: Jeg lovet deg aldri en rosenhave 
Statues & Monuments:  Paradisets portar
Home: Kengus kafe
On the Edge: The Summer Without Men Bonus point!
Collect the Reds: De röda skorna
Tower: Bable Tower  - bonus point
The Fifth DimensionCirkeln with a catch and a new member and a re-release

Cloud Nine: Chocolate for a Woman's Soul
West: Dan Henry i vilda västern

Superspeed: Running in Heels Bonus Point! 
Community Bookshelf: Hiroshima caught!

Passing Go: Mörk kust,    Pippi får besøk

Towel Day: Mostly Harmless catch and new member!
Wearing of the Lilacs: Minnets möjligheter

Team Racecar's catches:
When We Were Orphans

Team Racecar awarded 1 stupid GoG point in recompense for GoG's stupidity :D 

Score: 34

Team Train

- BibliophileOz (Australia)
- luckylurker (Australia)
- Izzy5000 (USA)

Team Train's Releases:

Museums and galleries: The Footsteps of Anne Frank
Lost: Little Miss Busy 
In the Middle: The Girl Who Played With Fire
Collect the Light Blues: On Mystic Lake caught, with a new member sign up 
Power Station: From Strength to Strength Bonus Point! 
Water: All the Rivers Run
Collect the utilities: A Trunk Full of Books caught and re-released!  
Sports Ground: Playing for Pizza
North: Follow the North Star 
East: Rising Sun Bonus Point!
South: Southern Cross  Bonus point!
West: Australia's Rugged Interior
Collect the Compass Points:  The Golden Compass
Cafes & Restaurants: The Ballard of the Sad Cafe Bonus Point!
Square: Change the World for Ten Bucks
Tower: Round Tower
Collect the Yellows: The Yellow Wallpaper Bonus Point!

Superspeed: Michael Schumacher: Ferrari Racing 1998

Passing Go Free Release: Little Red Train's Race to the Finish, Let It Bleed 

Wearing of the Lilac: The Language of Flowers 
Towel Day: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Score: 31

Team Thimble

- Ghanescha (Austria)
- LiniP (Germany)
- Thaliomee (Germany)

Team Thimble's Releases:

Museums & Galleries: Relic: Museum der Angst
Lost: Das Echo
In the Middle: Liebe kennt keine Jahre
Collect the Blues: Todesblues Bonus Point!
New FrontiersÜber die Alpen Bonus Point 
School: Ten Big Ones (book caught by Team Tulip)
Stautes & Monuments: Engeldienste
Home: Begrabt mein Herz an der Biegung des Flusses
On the edge Lalu lalula, arme kleine Ophelia
Collect the Reds: Das Feuermal
Castles & Palaces: Blutige Steine Bonus Point! and a catch, and a newbie, and a re-release (crikey!)
West: The Underpainter
Parks & Playgrounds: The Secret Garden caught with a newbie! 
Hotel: Merde happens
Community Bookshelf: Asche und Diamant caught!

Passing Go Free Release: MacBeth, Gute Nacht mein Geliebter

Towel Day: Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis  Bonus Point!
Wearing of the Lilac: Jacke wie Hose

Team Thimble's Catches:
I, Robot (Team Moneybag's community bookshelf release)

Score: 31

Team Boot

- T02S03B11D20 (USA)
- Egle_ska (Ireland)
- kasenka (Finland)

Team Boot's Releases:

Underground: Deception Point caught with a new member!
Tables & Chairs: King Arthur
Collect the Browns: Eläimet ja muu kotiväkeni Bonus Point! 
Genre Card (Classics): The Picture of Dorian Gray
Lost: In the Forest 
In Jail: Ystäväni Nahani Bonus Point!
Sports Ground: The Big Tour
Tree: The Kite Runner Bonus point!
Historic Places: Kruununpuisto
Collect the Oranges: Pay the Devil
Home: Too Close to Home 
Square: Us^2 Bonus Point! 
Tower: Dublin Wit
Recommend a favourite: Oravan portaat
Chance card (Identity release): Cell: A Novel caught!
Superspeed: Catch Me
Community Bookshelf: When We Were Orphans caught!

Passing Go (free release): The Lost Art of Keeping SecretsThe Backyard Safari caught with a new member! 

Towel Day: Matkalla Avaruuteen Bonus Point! and a catch
Wearing of the Lilac: Moments for Friends

Score: 33

Team Scottie Dog

- Diane-Fraser (UK)
- pam99 (UK)
- lils74 (Nepal)

Team Scottie Dog's Releases:

Underground: Love in the Dark
Tables & Chairs: Toast
Jail: Iron, Potassium, Nickel with catch and new member and a re-release!
New Frontiers: God's Own Country
Rainbow's End: Gold
SchoolTeacher's Dead
Collect the Pinks: The Secret Garden
Tree: The Copper Beech 
Stautues & Monuments: Stop the World Bonus Point! 
On the Edge: Bridget Jones the Edge of Reason caught with a new member, and a Bonus Point!
South: The Tortilla Curtain
Tower: Ultima Thule
Recommend a Favourite: The Little Book of Chocolate Bonus Point 
West: Wizard of Oz Bonus point! caught, with a new member
Parks & Playgrounds: Beatrix Potter's Treasured Tales caught by a new member
Community Bookshelf: The Master Butchers Singing Club (caught by Team Iron) 

Passing Go free release: Secret Agent Handbook Bonus Point, The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy

Towel Day: The Swimmer
Wearing the Lilac: Just Between Us

point stolen by Team Tophat

Score: 34

Team Iron

- Hayes13 (Italy)
- Sandra-Sabine (Germany)

- mrs-hawkins (UK)
- klaradyn (South Africa)

Team Iron's Releases:

Underground: Marcovaldo
Tables & Chairs: The Girl Who Fell from the Sky
Collect the Browns: Cipolla (cucinare con la...)
In the Middle: Der Hexenanwalt
In Jail: The Secret Garden Bonus Point! 
Chance (Food & Drink): Cider With Rosie Bonus Point!
Water: Badewannenblues Bonus Point! 
Community Bookshelf: Harry Potter e la Pietra Filosofale (caught by Team Battleship) 
North: To the Poles without a Beard
South: Taking on the World and a catch, with a new member sign-up :)
West: Le Donne Del Club Omicidi Bonus Point!
Compass Points: Der goldene Kompass
Parks & Playgrounds: La musica del mondo
Hotels: Temeraire / His Majesty's Dragon
Collect the dark blues: Eragon

Free Release (passing go): Shem Creek B, Adressat unbekannt (bonus point!)

Team Iron's Catches:
Asche und Diamant (Team Thimble's community bookshelf release)
The Master Butchers Singing Club (Team Scottie Dog's community bookshelf release)

Point Stolen by Team Scottie-Dog

Score: 26

Team Top Hat

- passmaster (Netherlands)
- quietorchid (USA)
- han_cat (UK)

Team Top Hat's Releases:
Underground: Watership Down
Tables & Chairs: Weekend Woodworking with Power Tools bonus point
Collect the browns: Hit by a Farm
Chance card (give yourself a birthday present): Het perfecte cadeau  Bonus point! 
East: Newfoundland & Labrador
Sports Ground: T.J.'s Secret Pitch
Planes & Trains: Reader's Digest Het beste boek (1977) Bonus Point!
Chance (Rough & Smooth): Bee's Book of Big and Small, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Home: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
Square: Hangover Square, with a catch and the first new member sign up of the game 
Cafes & Restaurants: Playing for Pizza
Community Bookshelf: The Ha-Ha (caught by Team Battleship)
Recommend a Favourite: Five on a Hike Together caught with a new member 
Hotel: Niet meer slapeloos
Parks & Playgrounds: Fietsen door Nederland
Collect the Dark Blues: Bonjour Tristesse / een Verre Glimlach / Houdt U van Brahms Bonus point! and a catch with new member and a re-release and another catch and new member (phew!)
In Jail: The Calculus Affair (Adventures of Tintin)

Passing Go Free Release: Watership Down Bonus Point! The Natural Soap Book

Towel day:
Wearing of the Lilac: Planning Your Wedding

Team Top Hat's Catches:
The Glass Room (GoG's Community Bookshelf release)

Score: 37