Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Team Wolf

- Wyando (Germany)
- Kiwiinengland (NewZealand)
- Rotewoelfin (Germany)

Team Wolf's Releases:
Tables & Chairs: Ich mach was mit Papier
Genre Card (Poetry): Poems in the Waiting Room
Museums & Galleries: The Girl with the Broken Wing
In the Middle: The Two Towers caught with a new member - Bonus Point!
Lost: Lost In A Good Book Bonus point!
Collect the Blues: Tod und Teufel
Historic Places: Xena
Sports GroundMeine Tage als Spitzenreiter. Letzte Wahrheiten über Fußball
Tree: Anabasis Text in Auswahl 
Collect the Oranges: Oranges are Not the Only Fruit
On the Edge: GeoMap Radwegepläne, Stuttgart und Umgebung Bonus point!
Stautes & Monuments: New Zealand Fishes
Home: Wednesday Wizard
Collect the RedsDer Zauberer von Oz
Fifth Dimension: Flächenland
Castles & Palaces: Alaska
Cloud Nine: Venusneid
Collect the Greens: What's That Pest  
Community bookshelf: A mystery book... Bonus point and book caught... then re-released, and re-caught...

Passing Go Free Release: Togo 1Ich mach was mit Stoff

Towel Day: Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis Bonus Point!
Wearing of the Lilac: Deconstructing Dylan

Team Wolf's catches:
Hiroshima (Team Racecar's community bookshelf release)

A point was stolen by Team Boot

Score: 33

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