Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Team Thimble

- Ghanescha (Austria)
- LiniP (Germany)
- Thaliomee (Germany)

Team Thimble's Releases:

Museums & Galleries: Relic: Museum der Angst
Lost: Das Echo
In the Middle: Liebe kennt keine Jahre
Collect the Blues: Todesblues Bonus Point!
New FrontiersÜber die Alpen Bonus Point 
School: Ten Big Ones (book caught by Team Tulip)
Stautes & Monuments: Engeldienste
Home: Begrabt mein Herz an der Biegung des Flusses
On the edge Lalu lalula, arme kleine Ophelia
Collect the Reds: Das Feuermal
Castles & Palaces: Blutige Steine Bonus Point! and a catch, and a newbie, and a re-release (crikey!)
West: The Underpainter
Parks & Playgrounds: The Secret Garden caught with a newbie! 
Hotel: Merde happens
Community Bookshelf: Asche und Diamant caught!

Passing Go Free Release: MacBeth, Gute Nacht mein Geliebter

Towel Day: Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis  Bonus Point!
Wearing of the Lilac: Jacke wie Hose

Team Thimble's Catches:
I, Robot (Team Moneybag's community bookshelf release)

Score: 31

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