Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Team Boot

- T02S03B11D20 (USA)
- Egle_ska (Ireland)
- kasenka (Finland)

Team Boot's Releases:

Underground: Deception Point caught with a new member!
Tables & Chairs: King Arthur
Collect the Browns: Eläimet ja muu kotiväkeni Bonus Point! 
Genre Card (Classics): The Picture of Dorian Gray
Lost: In the Forest 
In Jail: Ystäväni Nahani Bonus Point!
Sports Ground: The Big Tour
Tree: The Kite Runner Bonus point!
Historic Places: Kruununpuisto
Collect the Oranges: Pay the Devil
Home: Too Close to Home 
Square: Us^2 Bonus Point! 
Tower: Dublin Wit
Recommend a favourite: Oravan portaat
Chance card (Identity release): Cell: A Novel caught!
Superspeed: Catch Me
Community Bookshelf: When We Were Orphans caught!

Passing Go (free release): The Lost Art of Keeping SecretsThe Backyard Safari caught with a new member! 

Towel Day: Matkalla Avaruuteen Bonus Point! and a catch
Wearing of the Lilac: Moments for Friends

Score: 33

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