Sunday, 31 July 2011

Turn Seven

Submit the details of your teams completed challenge - including a link to the book's page (and pictures if you want) - to Vekiki's email (Don't PM please).
Submissions deadline: 21.00 GMT (that's 9 PM, London time) on Monday 15th August.
Next turn will be announced on Tuesday 16th August
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Hi guys
My boy has just told me he has managed to get next weekend off work... woop woop! This is a rare occurrence :)
So, because as much as I'm enjoying playing this game, I'm not willing to spend my sunday evening with the boy sat in front of a PC, I'm gonna extend this turn to make the submission deadline Monday 15th August, and the next turn will be announced on Tuesday 16th
Giving you an extra 24 hours. Double Hurrah :)

Dice roll; 3
make like a tree and leave - Bally that is!
Plus, make an Orange Colour Release to celebrate collecting the set :)

Dice Roll; 3
Gimmie a B.... Gimmie an A.... Gimmie two Ls... Y? Coz Bally's cheering them on down at the sports ground

Dice Roll; 8
Off to your local OBCZ - try not to bring too many books back with you

Dice Roll; 8
Bally's getting married in the morning, so get him to the church on time

Dice Roll; 5
Off to market to lighten your load moneybags ;)

Scottie-Dog & Wheelbarrow
Dice Roll; 11 & 4
I can sing a rainbow, but can you release one?

Thimble & Racecar
Dice Roll; 11 & 7
I wish I may, I wish I might, receive the book I wish tonight...
Top Hat
Dice Roll; 6
Chance card: 
This Challenge, once completed, entitles the holder to a dose of medicine to get them out of bed should they become ill. Earn the medicine by making a healing release, then keep it safe in case you need it later in the game. Once earned, the medicine may also be traded with other teams (e.g.. for points), if you wish.

Dice Roll; 6
Bench or bank? We're a very international game so it's up to you
Dice Roll; 10
It's your turn on the swings - how high dare you go?

Teams Wolf, Iron, Moneybag & Racecar passed Go, so make free releases to celebrate

Some Miscellaneous (but Marvellous) Releases

Scottie Dogs perfect Potter
Strawberry Fields Forever
Team Scottie Dog kicked us off this week by disguising Bally as Harry Potter, as well as sending a wishlist book to a member of team Moneybag. The Moneybags themselves found a spot to park Der Partner on a yellow car so as to be perfectly colour coordinated.

Team Wheelbarrow welcomes new members with two superb releases; a cook book left by a strawberry caravan at a Happy Food festival, and a copy of Stardust at 'the Landing Place For Angels'  in honour of the books heroine.
Team Racecar, O Pioneers that they are, set off on a train journey of exploration at the science and industry museum - and an excellent trip it proved to be too, garnering a catch and an AF sign up. 
Team Train set the show rolling
Team Iron were also making a public transport release this week - and left a copy of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest on a plan.
Similarly, Team Battleship got global with Spalding's World Tour this turn, supporting Portland Baseball Team

Team Train put together a survival pack to help visitors through the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, which, judging from the packs hot weather contents, will be very different from gamehost's experience at the Edinburgh Festival (top tip: carry an umbrella)! They left the pack, along side a copy of The Rehearsal for a visitor to find.

Flowers for Team Boot
Team Wolf were not afraid of a few rain clouds - in fact, they positively welcome them for their computing power, so they celebrated the usually damned climatic element by releasing The Silver Lining Playbook

Meanwhile, Team Canon are just visiting their ill friends, and bring a book release Instead of Flowers (Statt Blumen)... but who is the recipient of such ''kindness''? None other than team boot, in reward for there hard work leading the points table!

 Wicked Witch in the middle of a ditch...
Team Boot don't take that lying down though - they get in a real whirlwind and finish up landing with a bump at rainbow's end... with Bally doing his very best Judy Garland impression to impress the crowds at the LBGT Pride Centre.

Team Tophat were off to market this week - but they left behind The Apple and opted to take home bananas instead. Then, In celebration of passing Go, they released Do Not Pass Go on the African version of The Strand (somewhat sandier than our one in London says Gamehost...)
learning the facts of life
A Team Thimble member happens to live by an awesome indoor playground with massive plastic tadpoles - and, having spotted their resemblance to sperm, released So That's How I Was Born there - which garnered interest from the kids but no journal entry yet. They did manage to catch a stray bookcrossing book whilst there though too :) There are some brilliant pictures and a detailed write up of the release on Azuki's blog too
Team Thimble also found bally's true Home - Ballygrunge Road - and though he might like a quick visit before setting off for more adventures next turn
Sprinkled Stardust from Team Wheelbarrow

Bonus Points This Week To:
Team Wheelbarrow's fallen star
Scottie Dog's Potter Costume
Cannon for putting the Boot in...
Boot for sassing it up in sparkly shoes
Thimbles, because there's no place like home

Monday, 18 July 2011

Turn Six

Submit the details of your teams completed challenge - including a link to the book's page (and pictures if you want) - to Vekiki's email (Don't PM please).
Submissions deadline: 21.00 GMT (that's 9 PM, London time) on Sunday 31st July.
Next turn will be announced on Monday 1st August
Refresh on how to play here
Show off your completed challenge or chatter with other teams on the forum

Dice Roll 8
Get with the game down at the sports ground

Dice Roll 12
Is that Bally.. or Roy G. Biv? It could be either hanging around at rainbow's end

Dice Roll 4
Who goes there, friend or foe? whoever it may be, they are just visiting and say they mean no harm...

Iron & Racecar
Dice Roll 6 & 3
planes and trains and automobiles oh my!

Dice Roll 8
theme _______ or car_______?

Dice Roll 11
Your turn to make a donation to the community library
Dice Roll 7
dare you go down the big slide? let's find out with a playground release

Top Hat
Dice Roll 8
Market day - don't forget your shopping lists...

Dice Roll 5
reels of films or real-life people? choose to head to the cinema or the theatre

Dice Roll 9
Leave bally right bang in the middle - this is a city centre release challenge

Dice Roll 6
Chance Card: Come rain or storm or black of night, Bally's free as is right! Bookcrossing goes on whatever the weather, so make a meteorological release to bring the sunshine back

Congratulations Teams Scottie-Dog, Thimble, Top Hat and Wheelbarrow - you passed go, make a free release to celebrate!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

High Five!

Fire the Cannons!
One Little Piggie may have gone to market... but where did all the others go? To The Town of Pigs, of course, where Team Boot read The Book of Pigs to them. Team Cannon decided to try a little animal welfare too - teaching monkeys to read Nowhere in Africa, but quickly changed tactics and opted for Piratical misbehaviour, leaving a book under the flag ( err...Unter schwarzer Flagge). Similarly, Team Wheelbarrow decide to stick it to the man, saying he could Go Tell It On The Mountain - excellent work from our new player and his team. 
Moneybags get crafty!
With all this misbehaviour, Bally's in deep trouble - arrested and locked in prison! But fortunately Team Boot are well equipped with Doc Martens and placards to protest for his release; [In-]Justice Denied!

Team Moneybag get creative under the guidance of Miffy The Artist,  with inspiration from a whole host of museums and galleries - The Pencil Museum, The Miffy Museum, The Book Museum... The Tate Modern Gallery and a Museum of Art... until finally they had all they needed to make an awesome exhibit to display Bally in. Team Scottie-Dogs wanted to join in with all the fun and games, but found soggy bouncing castles to be no fun, so sat and had a quiet chat with the Queen and I instead

Team Train at a church by the tracks
No time to play around for Team Wolf though, who displayed excellent time management (Zeitmanagement) in completing there speed release challenge. Likewise, Team Train are not playing around - they hear a Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, and have Faith Without Doubt - but will there prayers be answered? Will AF journal there books? No answer so far...
Likewise awaiting answers are Team Thimble, who saw Männer sind wie Schokolade get taken but are still awaiting a journal entry. Team Iron are also waiting for Careless In Red - their contribution to the community bookshelf - to get where it's going and be journalled by a fellow player.
Thimble's book gets taken
Not waiting for answers, but maybe looking for love are Team Battleship - pining that they are always The Bridesmaid and never the bride.
Also not waiting around, Team Racecar are already hitting the books in preparation for the next school year; but lucky for them Hogwarts set-text Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is an interesting read.
Dearie me... there's the train... better not miss it as my flying car's malfunctioning...

Free Bally!
Bonus Points to:
Team Cannon, for cannily guessing that gamehost is a sucker for anything involving pirates
Team Wolf, for excellent use of limited calendar days
Team Boot, because pigs may fly before Bally's freedom is taken away!
Team Money bag for amazing papercraft skills
Team Racecar, because gamehost's first release in her first monopoly game was on platform 9 3/4, and she got a bonus point for that too

A third of the way through! Phew!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Turn Five

Submit the details of your teams completed challenge - including a link to the book's page (and pictures if you want) - to Vekiki's email (Don't PM please).
Submissions deadline: 21.00 GMT (that's 9 PM, London time) on Sunday 17rd July.
Next turn will be announced on Monday 18th July
Refresh on how to play here
Show off your completed challenge or chatter with other teams on the forum

Dice Roll: 9
Are you a battleship or a cruiseliner with an onboard entertainment suite? No one's sure with you're Cinema and Theatre release

Dice Roll: 7
This Little Piggie went to Market, but only with the help of his boots to get him there

Dice Roll: 9
Messing about in the Playground, set Bally free to have some fun

Iron & Moneybag
Dice Roll: 10 & 2
Paint a portrait of Bally and find a museum or gallery to hang it it

Dice Roll: 4
It may be the holiday's but you're still studying, so off to school you go

Scottie- Dog
Dice Roll: 11
Find some beautiful things for beautiful bally in a castles and palaces release

Dice Roll: 8
Room Service? Please send up release notes and a complimentary catch to help bally enjoy his night in a hotel

Top Hat
Dice Roll: 4
Toffs you may be in your fine headgear, but all the teams are welcome in the community libary...

Dice Roll: 10
All Praise bally! Worship in the church of Bookcrossing

Dice Roll: 5
(release challenge to be sung to the tune from Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat, because gamehost has worked in the west end too long!)
Go Go Go Baaa-lly you know what they say, 
Hang in there Baaa-lly we'll catch you someday
Don't give up bally, you're free to be dropped
'Til with a finder we'll see that you've stopped

Dice Roll: 6
Quickly Quickly... speed release in half the time! Your release must be submitted by 21.00 GMT on Sunday 10th July, so get moving

And... (drumroll)
Congratulations Battleship, Boot, Cannon and Train; these teams get to make an extra release to celebrate passing Go!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Turn Four, In Which Nothing Is Thrown At David Cameron

Team Train killed Barbie. Don't tell the kids...
Political action cannot stop Bookcrossers! Therefore Team Train were undeterred by an array of postal strikes and managed to get a copy of Stiff from New Zealand to Holland in 3 days. All bookcrossers look on in jealousy, dreaming of such efficient post services...

One of Thimble's palaces - and Bally!
The Thimblans were joining ranks with the upper classes this turn, and went a little castle crazy: at the Rang Mahal (Palace of Colours) they released a guidebook to Scotland's Crathes Castle & Garden and a postcard of the Madikeri Fortress Palace (known as the 'Scotland of India'). Gamehost wonders if deep fired Mars Bars are available in Madikeri?

Team Battleship took a night's shipleave in the Inn By The Bay, where they released A Books by The Bay Mystery (of course!).  Meanwhile Team Money-bag shocked us all by managing to stay sober for the whole round - but only by switching to a caffeine addiction instead and releasing Lob des Kaffees alongside a sack or two of coffee.

Team Iron Twist it up
At the opposite end of the social spectrum, robbing the palaces of the rich to feed the poor, team Scottie-Dog hung the original social equality fighter Robin Hood high in a tree. 
Also in a tree, but a far more Oliver Twist-ed one, were Team Iron. gamehost has also been releasing books in twisted trees this turn - though she didn't think to theme the books to the location.
Gamehost's take on twisted tree!
Team Top Hat made an Art of Love in the Manchester Gallery. Showing a different side to Manchester, Team Wolf released a copy of Killing Floor at the site of the Peterloo massacre. Seeing a lighter side to death, Team Canon parked in a park to visit Annie Freeman's Fabulous Travelling Funeral.

On our Small Island home here in England, it is a rare day that water doesn't fall from the sky - but Team Racecar managed to find a spot of sunshine to take a trip to the beach (almost) and leave a book on the side of the Thames.

Team Boot also went on an adventure, visiting All Creatures Great & Small and ended paled up with an Elephant. Gamehost highly recommends reading the safari adventure that Bally went on in his release notes...

No political leaders were hit by any books during the making of this week's Monopoly turn (must try harder)
Bonus points to...
Team Boot for epic adventuring
Team Iron because great minds think alike