Sunday, 3 July 2011

Turn Four, In Which Nothing Is Thrown At David Cameron

Team Train killed Barbie. Don't tell the kids...
Political action cannot stop Bookcrossers! Therefore Team Train were undeterred by an array of postal strikes and managed to get a copy of Stiff from New Zealand to Holland in 3 days. All bookcrossers look on in jealousy, dreaming of such efficient post services...

One of Thimble's palaces - and Bally!
The Thimblans were joining ranks with the upper classes this turn, and went a little castle crazy: at the Rang Mahal (Palace of Colours) they released a guidebook to Scotland's Crathes Castle & Garden and a postcard of the Madikeri Fortress Palace (known as the 'Scotland of India'). Gamehost wonders if deep fired Mars Bars are available in Madikeri?

Team Battleship took a night's shipleave in the Inn By The Bay, where they released A Books by The Bay Mystery (of course!).  Meanwhile Team Money-bag shocked us all by managing to stay sober for the whole round - but only by switching to a caffeine addiction instead and releasing Lob des Kaffees alongside a sack or two of coffee.

Team Iron Twist it up
At the opposite end of the social spectrum, robbing the palaces of the rich to feed the poor, team Scottie-Dog hung the original social equality fighter Robin Hood high in a tree. 
Also in a tree, but a far more Oliver Twist-ed one, were Team Iron. gamehost has also been releasing books in twisted trees this turn - though she didn't think to theme the books to the location.
Gamehost's take on twisted tree!
Team Top Hat made an Art of Love in the Manchester Gallery. Showing a different side to Manchester, Team Wolf released a copy of Killing Floor at the site of the Peterloo massacre. Seeing a lighter side to death, Team Canon parked in a park to visit Annie Freeman's Fabulous Travelling Funeral.

On our Small Island home here in England, it is a rare day that water doesn't fall from the sky - but Team Racecar managed to find a spot of sunshine to take a trip to the beach (almost) and leave a book on the side of the Thames.

Team Boot also went on an adventure, visiting All Creatures Great & Small and ended paled up with an Elephant. Gamehost highly recommends reading the safari adventure that Bally went on in his release notes...

No political leaders were hit by any books during the making of this week's Monopoly turn (must try harder)
Bonus points to...
Team Boot for epic adventuring
Team Iron because great minds think alike

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