Monday, 20 June 2011

Turn Four

Submit the details of your teams completed challenge - including a link to the book's page (and pictures if you want) - to Vekiki's email (Don't PM please).
Submissions deadline: 21.00 GMT (that's 9 PM, London time) on Sunday 3rd July.
Next turn will be announced on Monday 4th July
Refresh on how to play here
Show off your completed challenge or chatter with other teams on the forum
This week's challenges:
Dice roll: 11
You've built 4 houses, so now it's time to upgrade to a hotel...

Dice Roll: 8
Bally's looking rather statuesque, don't you think?

Dice Roll: 8
Park your car, park your bum, park Bally somewhere he'll enjoy

Dice Roll: 9
Don't go barking up the wrong tree, which one is Bally hiding up?

Dice Roll: 3
Tea or Coffee (actually, an Oreo & peanut butter malted milkshake for Bally... he doesn't have to watch his weight because everyone loves a fat book to sink their teeth into)

Dice Roll: 4
Splish splash Bally's taking a bath, 'long about a saturday night...

Scottie Dog
Dice Roll: 6
Paint half your face blue and join in with a cry for FREEDOMMMMMmmmmmm!

Dice Roll: 5
Bally's going up in the world, making a stay in a palace

Dice Roll: 7
Bally's a work of art in his own right - he deserves a place in a gallery I reckon

Dice Roll: 6
take a look at people's wishlists to make a contribution to our community bookshelf
Dice Roll: 6
East west north or south? Bally's going places on whatever means of transport available
Dice Roll: 3
get a little taste of history since you're already full of food

Have fun :)

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