Sunday, 19 June 2011

Weather (nearly) Stops Play; Turn Three

Team Thimble's squares of sunlight

Team Top-Hat kicked us off this week with two flip-flopped releases; Icecream in the sunshine and Riding the Desert Trial left in the sea-breeze. These hot and cold books have reflected the fates of the other teams pretty well.
Scottie Dogs relax after Racing for Life
The Scottie-Dogs enjoyed what little sunshine England has seen this week, having a Perfect Day running around the park before collapsing onto a bench. Wheelbarrows also made the most of the sunshine, leaving a copy of The Hornbeam Tree, not in anyone's back garden but in a tree nevertheless!

Team Battleship managed, as always, to stay on top of the water, releasing a book on the ferry to The Island.
Boots (or Wellies?) in the rain
Team Boot were not so lucky - there plans were set asunder by the beautiful British summer weather, yet the copy of Across the Nightingale Floor was caught and inspired a new member sign up so proving that rain need not stop play. The Thimbles also struggled with weather, but eventually a beautiful day came and they were able to release Boy Who Loved Anne Frank in a spot of sunlight by Miami Beach.

Team Cannon's Time Machine
With the weather being so fickle, Team Cannon decided to stay indoors and study - looking to find A Winkle In Time to slip into. Team Moneybag took advantage of the research done and built a time machine so they could visit the eccentric Ludwig II, where they found long arms but absolutely no cucumbers. Team Racecar visited a bit of history too - taking a trip to see Fort Ossenmarkt defending Amsterdam.

Team Train released a copy of  Wij doden Stella, which has nothing to do with a cafe - apart from being left by a MASSIVE sign for one! Team Iron came to visit, indulging themselves in some Guilty Pleasures; a coffee and a point.

Team Wolf were pretty polarised themselves, leaving Der Apfelgarten (The Apple Orchard) by the fast food drive thru!

Bonus Points - there were lots of awesome releases this week so picking was tough - but in the end Bonus Points go to...
Team Thimble for their squares of sunlight
Team Wolf for giving vitamin pills to a burger-bar customers
Team Boot for efforts waylaid by rain
Team Scottie Dog for decorated book & bench

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