Monday, 4 July 2011

Turn Five

Submit the details of your teams completed challenge - including a link to the book's page (and pictures if you want) - to Vekiki's email (Don't PM please).
Submissions deadline: 21.00 GMT (that's 9 PM, London time) on Sunday 17rd July.
Next turn will be announced on Monday 18th July
Refresh on how to play here
Show off your completed challenge or chatter with other teams on the forum

Dice Roll: 9
Are you a battleship or a cruiseliner with an onboard entertainment suite? No one's sure with you're Cinema and Theatre release

Dice Roll: 7
This Little Piggie went to Market, but only with the help of his boots to get him there

Dice Roll: 9
Messing about in the Playground, set Bally free to have some fun

Iron & Moneybag
Dice Roll: 10 & 2
Paint a portrait of Bally and find a museum or gallery to hang it it

Dice Roll: 4
It may be the holiday's but you're still studying, so off to school you go

Scottie- Dog
Dice Roll: 11
Find some beautiful things for beautiful bally in a castles and palaces release

Dice Roll: 8
Room Service? Please send up release notes and a complimentary catch to help bally enjoy his night in a hotel

Top Hat
Dice Roll: 4
Toffs you may be in your fine headgear, but all the teams are welcome in the community libary...

Dice Roll: 10
All Praise bally! Worship in the church of Bookcrossing

Dice Roll: 5
(release challenge to be sung to the tune from Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat, because gamehost has worked in the west end too long!)
Go Go Go Baaa-lly you know what they say, 
Hang in there Baaa-lly we'll catch you someday
Don't give up bally, you're free to be dropped
'Til with a finder we'll see that you've stopped

Dice Roll: 6
Quickly Quickly... speed release in half the time! Your release must be submitted by 21.00 GMT on Sunday 10th July, so get moving

And... (drumroll)
Congratulations Battleship, Boot, Cannon and Train; these teams get to make an extra release to celebrate passing Go!

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