Monday, 18 July 2011

Turn Six

Submit the details of your teams completed challenge - including a link to the book's page (and pictures if you want) - to Vekiki's email (Don't PM please).
Submissions deadline: 21.00 GMT (that's 9 PM, London time) on Sunday 31st July.
Next turn will be announced on Monday 1st August
Refresh on how to play here
Show off your completed challenge or chatter with other teams on the forum

Dice Roll 8
Get with the game down at the sports ground

Dice Roll 12
Is that Bally.. or Roy G. Biv? It could be either hanging around at rainbow's end

Dice Roll 4
Who goes there, friend or foe? whoever it may be, they are just visiting and say they mean no harm...

Iron & Racecar
Dice Roll 6 & 3
planes and trains and automobiles oh my!

Dice Roll 8
theme _______ or car_______?

Dice Roll 11
Your turn to make a donation to the community library
Dice Roll 7
dare you go down the big slide? let's find out with a playground release

Top Hat
Dice Roll 8
Market day - don't forget your shopping lists...

Dice Roll 5
reels of films or real-life people? choose to head to the cinema or the theatre

Dice Roll 9
Leave bally right bang in the middle - this is a city centre release challenge

Dice Roll 6
Chance Card: Come rain or storm or black of night, Bally's free as is right! Bookcrossing goes on whatever the weather, so make a meteorological release to bring the sunshine back

Congratulations Teams Scottie-Dog, Thimble, Top Hat and Wheelbarrow - you passed go, make a free release to celebrate!

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