Sunday, 31 July 2011

Some Miscellaneous (but Marvellous) Releases

Scottie Dogs perfect Potter
Strawberry Fields Forever
Team Scottie Dog kicked us off this week by disguising Bally as Harry Potter, as well as sending a wishlist book to a member of team Moneybag. The Moneybags themselves found a spot to park Der Partner on a yellow car so as to be perfectly colour coordinated.

Team Wheelbarrow welcomes new members with two superb releases; a cook book left by a strawberry caravan at a Happy Food festival, and a copy of Stardust at 'the Landing Place For Angels'  in honour of the books heroine.
Team Racecar, O Pioneers that they are, set off on a train journey of exploration at the science and industry museum - and an excellent trip it proved to be too, garnering a catch and an AF sign up. 
Team Train set the show rolling
Team Iron were also making a public transport release this week - and left a copy of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest on a plan.
Similarly, Team Battleship got global with Spalding's World Tour this turn, supporting Portland Baseball Team

Team Train put together a survival pack to help visitors through the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, which, judging from the packs hot weather contents, will be very different from gamehost's experience at the Edinburgh Festival (top tip: carry an umbrella)! They left the pack, along side a copy of The Rehearsal for a visitor to find.

Flowers for Team Boot
Team Wolf were not afraid of a few rain clouds - in fact, they positively welcome them for their computing power, so they celebrated the usually damned climatic element by releasing The Silver Lining Playbook

Meanwhile, Team Canon are just visiting their ill friends, and bring a book release Instead of Flowers (Statt Blumen)... but who is the recipient of such ''kindness''? None other than team boot, in reward for there hard work leading the points table!

 Wicked Witch in the middle of a ditch...
Team Boot don't take that lying down though - they get in a real whirlwind and finish up landing with a bump at rainbow's end... with Bally doing his very best Judy Garland impression to impress the crowds at the LBGT Pride Centre.

Team Tophat were off to market this week - but they left behind The Apple and opted to take home bananas instead. Then, In celebration of passing Go, they released Do Not Pass Go on the African version of The Strand (somewhat sandier than our one in London says Gamehost...)
learning the facts of life
A Team Thimble member happens to live by an awesome indoor playground with massive plastic tadpoles - and, having spotted their resemblance to sperm, released So That's How I Was Born there - which garnered interest from the kids but no journal entry yet. They did manage to catch a stray bookcrossing book whilst there though too :) There are some brilliant pictures and a detailed write up of the release on Azuki's blog too
Team Thimble also found bally's true Home - Ballygrunge Road - and though he might like a quick visit before setting off for more adventures next turn
Sprinkled Stardust from Team Wheelbarrow

Bonus Points This Week To:
Team Wheelbarrow's fallen star
Scottie Dog's Potter Costume
Cannon for putting the Boot in...
Boot for sassing it up in sparkly shoes
Thimbles, because there's no place like home

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