Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Team Train

- BibliophileOz (Australia)
- luckylurker (Australia)
- Izzy5000 (USA)

Team Train's Releases:

Museums and galleries: The Footsteps of Anne Frank
Lost: Little Miss Busy 
In the Middle: The Girl Who Played With Fire
Collect the Light Blues: On Mystic Lake caught, with a new member sign up 
Power Station: From Strength to Strength Bonus Point! 
Water: All the Rivers Run
Collect the utilities: A Trunk Full of Books caught and re-released!  
Sports Ground: Playing for Pizza
North: Follow the North Star 
East: Rising Sun Bonus Point!
South: Southern Cross  Bonus point!
West: Australia's Rugged Interior
Collect the Compass Points:  The Golden Compass
Cafes & Restaurants: The Ballard of the Sad Cafe Bonus Point!
Square: Change the World for Ten Bucks
Tower: Round Tower
Collect the Yellows: The Yellow Wallpaper Bonus Point!

Superspeed: Michael Schumacher: Ferrari Racing 1998

Passing Go Free Release: Little Red Train's Race to the Finish, Let It Bleed 

Wearing of the Lilac: The Language of Flowers 
Towel Day: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Score: 31

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