Monday, 8 October 2012

Turn Fourteen Releases

A Clue leading to the crime scene...

Team Tulip: Treasure Island released in a bookcrosser's playground - the UK Uncon!
Team Racecar: Dan Henry i vilda västern released at a  book fair on Sweden's West coast
Team Moneybag: Der Angst hat, bist doch du left at the foot of a tower. Les mésaventures de Minty Malone is about a Private Eye who is betrayed by her fiancee, so is released in honour of the colour yellow's association with betrayal (it's a french thing, apparently! To do with the yellow unions, who betrayed the regular unions by returning to work) - the book is left outside a detective's office, of course
Team Scottie-Dog: Stop the World is the biography of a Scottish nationalist, released by the statue of the first First Minister of Scotland
Team Boot: Kruununpuisto left in a historic park. Pay the Devil left by a Halloween Store
Team Train: Southern Cross left at the Southern Cross Arcade. The Golden Compass left at a central train station, from where the finder could take it in any direction
Team Tophat: Reader's Digest Het beste boek (1977) (Reader's Digest Best Books 1977) includes the Great Train Robbery, and was left with a stolen train
Team Battleship: Planes, Jets & Helicopters left at an Army museum full of planes, jets and helicopters
Team Wolf: What's That Pest helps them keep the greenery green in the Botanical Gardens. Venusneid
released at a wedding, in hopes that the finder will be on cloud 9

Team Boot
Bonus Points go to....
Team Tophat for pulling off the theft of the century
Team Scottie-dog for inclusion of political humour
Team Train for most identically named book / location
That book has a yellow belly!

Team Moneybag

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