Saturday, 26 November 2011

Drumroll please...

Cannon tribute to GoG

And now, the end is here
And so we face the final curtain

The Moneybags seem confused about how to navigate traffic lights - they see the amber and let it go! they speed ahead, leaving a book about the history of a cinema in that very same cinema as they whizz past. Not to be outdone, Team Racecar released The Book of Lost Things in the hollow of a tree, hoping it will get picked up in fairyland. Team Boot, on the other hand are unfazed by all this speed - they go mellow yellow with a chilled out beatnik realease. They continue to avoid the rat-race with a Hobo style railroad release, though The Grapes of Wrath is not liable to fit with GoG's 'poor but free' glamorisation of the lifestyle!
Boots walkin' the lines
Team Cannon, to cheer up GoG (who is sad at the ending of the game), threw A Series of Unfortunate Events at David Cameron (or at least his picture) before releasing it. They then pay tribute to GoG by lying books at her feet. GoG accepts these tributes, and in return she has used her omni-potency (she is, after all, a goddess) to ensure that both books got caught and one AF signed up!

Team Tophat are all prepared for the festive season, they know how to survive christmas. GoG is opting for running As Far As You Can Go With[out] a Passport!
Team Battle ship are clearly feeling morbid rather than festive, their releases this turn started with Death At La Fenice. Fortunately (well, not for animal lovers) only the eagles were dead in their brown release. By the end of the turn they had completely done an about face, or rather About Grace, and were in a much better mood.

The Thimbles go underwater with a yellow submarine release, then head underground to visit the gnomes and leave some litreature with them. Team Iron thought so far out of it that they left the box behind, but opted to stick inside a square. They dedicate their yellow release to Yellowstar - a gone but not forgotten bookcrosser. In Glasgow, the Wolves failed to find the meaning of life but did manage to lose a book...

Team Train headed to the rainbow's end theme park where they observed that they were standing in the rainbow. Unfortunately, having specified their location they are now unable to measure their speed  (in accordance with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle) ... so we stopped looking at where they were and used a speedometer to see that they were whizzing about at a million miles an hour - going so fast they were unable to stop before they hit and shattered my kitchen window.

And, so, onto the all important envelope opening....
The winner of our Monopoly game, with 40 points (that's 23 releases, 8 catches, 3 AF sign ups, and 6 bonus points) is Team Cannon! Well done guys!
More accurately, though, well done all of you for making it this far, and a host of awesome releases. Thank you all so much for playing, I hope you had fun! I'll be starting up another game in the first couple of months of next year and it'd be great to have some of you play again if you can face it :)

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