Monday, 7 November 2011

(Un)lucky for Some?

Team Cannon teach Pumpkin to read!
Money bags went on blue adventures; they tried to stay in a hotel but were quickly caught and taken away :)
Team Iron took a lighter, more poetic adventure, incorporating a theatrical visit. Racecars also went to the there, and managed to get up on stage and sing - the cast let them join in  with the performance of 13, in celebration of turn thirteen. Racecars then celebrate the end of their second time around the board by hitching a ride on a carousel. After all this celebrating they need to chill out, so they take a tip from Manny and make some Little Book of Calm soup. 

Team Boot are back up and running after last weeks flu, raising breast cancer awareness. Mission duly accomplished, they found a sofa to put their feet up and watch the telly. Team Top Hat came to join them, watching The Simpsons - but not until they managed to hammer a round book into a square hole.

The Centre of the Universe. Obviously.
Team Train manage to find the centre not only of a city, but of the whole universe (GoG would like to direct Team Train to this youtube video - as you will see, the centre of the universe is in Manhattan, not Calgary) and left a book there. They then went on to scare the pants off a priest at their local church by reminding him that Death Comes for the Archbishop.

Team Wheelbarrow also visited the church,  but the book they take has rather a different sort of Genesis
This release didn't hang about for long!
Team Thimble are owed a favour by the gods after recent misdemeanours, so Hercules offers to hold up The Pillars of The Earth for them, so that they can go to the irish pub and practice for next years Dublin convention. The other side of Irish life is shown in Team Wheelbarrow's second release, the biography of a man who deplored Father Ted, Jazz Music and Contemporary Dance. GoG agrees with him about the Contemporary Dance!

Team Battleship released a burning book on bonfire night.

Team Cannon are not very good at maths - they have made 3 releases and think that adds up to Five Quarters of the Orange - good job this isn't a geometry game! They also released a book in a tree which was caught and got an AF sign up right away - so  we start and end out write up by disproving all theories that Turn Thirteen is unlucky.

Bonus Points...
Team Racecar, simply because all three releases made me chuckle
Team Iron win a local poetry competition
Team Top hat are awarded a certificate of technical accomplishment
Team Train because GoG loves scaring members of the clergy too

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