Sunday, 23 October 2011

Turn Thirteen

Submit the details of your teams completed challenge - including a link to the book's page (and pictures if you want) - to Vekiki's email (Don't PM please).
Submissions deadline: 21.00 GMT (that's 9 PM, London time) on Sunday 6th November
Next turn will be announced on Monday 7th November
Refresh on how to play  here
chatter about the turn in the forum

Please Note; This is the last turn in which bonus points will be handed out (except in EXCEPTIONAL circumstances!) as GoG does not want to be in a position of effectively choosing the winner :)

Battleships (11)
I suppose it'll be naval history for you... let's hope you have interesting belly-buttons!

Cannons (3)
Roll Three and climb a tree (Oh, cummon, it *nearly* rhymes)
Plus get fruity with a collect the oranges release

Boots (4)
take a pew, put your feet up...
Collect the Pinks!

Iron ( 7) and Racecar
It's your turn in the limelight
Both teams Collect the light blues
Racecar: celebrate passing go!

Moneybags (11)
A night in the Ritz for you moneybags
Collect the dark blues

Scottie Dogs (9)
Rest a book at a rest-a-rant

Thimbles (2)
Not moving too fast around the board... almost as still as a statue...
Collect the greens

Top Hats (11)
Are you square pegs in round holes? Let's see
Collect the yellows

well, most new cities were built around the train station, so it makes sense you're in the centre
Collect the Light Blues

Wheelbarrows (2)
Better wear your Sunday best, you're off to church
Collect the browns

Wolf (12)
Don't scare off that leprechaun - maybe he'll tell you where the rainbow ends

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