Sunday, 9 October 2011

An Eleventy-First Birthdy Party

Pictured (from left to right); Bally & GoG
It seems Bally was watching gamehost's behaviour at the Uncon last turn, and has decided to do some partying of his own. First he insisted that Team Cannon take him out this week, to Octoberfest where he got blau (pronounced Blue, mean meaning drunk!) enough to make even GoG blush. Once he'd drank all the beer, he wandered into church to see if there was any communion wine left over... no such luck, but he did meet a Sparrow in Gods Hands who told him the story of the (frankly rather stupid) people of Ulm (who did not know how to carry lengths of wood until she showed them), which made him laugh so he did not mind missing out on the alcohol. In all the merriment Mrs Sparrow did not see Bally leave, but Go he did and gone he stays...

Bally continued his debauchery by next insisting that Team Thimble took him out. They hopped in a yellow taxi cab, and (much to the Thimbelina's shock and horror) whisked away to the museum of erotic art, where everyone proceeded to behave very badly indeed.

Team Racecar go for an entirely different sort of ass, released on a mule in tribute to GoGs day-job working on WarHorse (No?). Then they take stock a little, realise that they are using all their petrol whizzing around the board - what if they run out before the game is over and are stuck unable to move (after all, Nothing Lasts Forever)? So they grab a Sedan chair in preparation to go green if needs be (GoG is a little worried who they think will carry them?)... 
Team Top-Hat go for some indulgence of their own, since they are Dying for Chocolate ;) Bally slipped away while they weren't looking and back into the church... still no wine to find though, and no talkative birds to chat up either this time.
Team Iron pit down their housework and went out - but not to paint the town red, oh no... to paint the town head, with one of the funniest releases so far this game and an utterly deserved (long-awaited) catch.
Conversely to all this merry making, Team boot are in a kind of hell - Tech Week in their theatre (For anyone who doesn't work in theatre, Tech Week is basically an exquisite form of torture, where you live in world of sweaty darkness and everyone's diet is pure sugar and caffeine (which makes them very friendly, but only for brief periods before the crash...)). They also warn Londoner GoG of another hell that is only just starting to hit her; the preparations for her city hosting the Olympics. Oh dear.... Team Boot kick off at a local Olympian, but do promise that the improvements in public transport stay around after the tourists go home, and  make it all worth while. (GoG, meanwhile, is skeptical about Boris' ability to even get the transport working before the games begin...)  
Despite some technical problems, Team Moneybag released a book in Eldon Square, to complete their set of yellows. Team Wolf release Engleby in a park, and Team Wheelbarrow made a contribution to a local bookshelf.
Team Battleship dropped off their little monsters at School, in the hope that someone else would pick them up again...

Also worth noting this turn; GoG is becoming a little worried at the habit she is developing of talking about herself in the third person (and this nickname really isn't helping her divinity complex!)

Bonus Points to...
Team Cannon for elaborate story telling (GoG does not seem to be able to post up PDF files for everyone else to read, maybe you can give us a link to your tale?)
Team Racecar because flattery will get you everywhere
Team Thimble (to help them get over the shock of naked Bally cavorting...)
And Team Iron, because that was bloody brilliant.

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