Sunday, 23 October 2011

Six of One and Half A Dozen Of Another

A Different Sort of Maths Class...

Team Wolf discovered The John Rylands Library, and left a copy of Fahrenheit 451 while they were there - and, feeling peckish on the way home the popped to the indoor market, releasing  another book outside. Team Wheelbarrow also Went To Market - and ran into Mrs. Beeton whilst there

Team Battleship found just the right place to leave a book - with not one rainbow but two. As they collected all the light blues last week they made a celebratory colour release (a little belated because of GoGs lack of attention to detail). Team Train also suffered from GoGs distraction, so they also made a belated colour release. They then went off to play in the Rugby World Cup - Team All-Bally did pretty well!

Team Moneybag also went collecting this week - they made a steamy release, as well as a wet one ;) Just as badly behaved are Team Thimble, who spent the week teaching Bally how to play Poker and gamble on Dice. Tsk tsk. Certainly he picked up no such naughty habits from GoG...

Team Boot got all political - they went Bushwacking at OccupySaltLakeCity (GoG stands with you! she took biscuits to all the campers at OccupyPaternosterSquare this morning! Right On! Etc.!)

Team Top Hat swapped out their head-wear for a deerstalker instead, they went to play Railway Detectives...

Team Cannons release was entirely not understood by GoG - something to do with baseball, which she thins is the yank version of Rounders?
Team Cannon in a League of Their Own

Bonus Points:
Team Moneybag for Steampunk style
Team Train for International Playground Release
Team Cannon, for proving there is such a thing as a free lunch
Team Thimble for putting up with yet more anti-social antics...

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