Sunday, 13 November 2011

Turn Fifteen

Final Turn!

Submit the details of your teams completed challenge - including a link to the book's page (and pictures if you want) - to Vekiki's email (Don't PM please).
Submissions deadline: 21.00 GMT (that's 9 PM, London time) on FRIDAY 25th November (Slightly shortened turn)
Refresh on how to play here (Don't you know by now??)
chatter about the turn in the forum

Battleship (9)
Give praise in the church of GoG, for now you may collect the browns! And you passed Go, so that's 3 releases this turn for you

Cannon (12)
The Final turns sees you on the final square - why not stay awhile and collect the dark blues while you're there?

Boot (6) & Wolf (12)
turn Bally into a work of art
Team boot - Collect the yellows too

Iron (8)
Think outside the box but inside the square... and collect the yellows while you're there

Moneybags (8)
O is for Orange and OBCZ, both are your challenges this week

Racecar (9)
Can racecars climb trees?

Scottie-Dog (7)
Walkies! Let's go play ball in the park. And Let's collect the dark blues too

Thimbles (10)
Chance card: Buried treasure challenge - leave a book underground. And celebrate passing Go while you're there

Tophat (10)
Penny a pound? Head to the market and make some sense of modern economics. And you just slipped past go too!

Train (2)
Rainbow Bright, Rainbow Light.... rainbow's may not include pink, but your release sure should

Wheelbarrows (6)
You've worked hard all game - have a cup of tea on a bench, and put your feet up on some pinks too

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