Monday, 7 May 2012

Turn Three Releases

Hungry tree snacks on Team Boot's release
Team Moneybag: Mein erster Märchenschatz (My First Fairy Tale Treasury) at House of The Rainbow Nursey
Team Battleship: For God and Glory on the site of the first Methodist Church in the United States

Team Scottie Dog: The Tortilla Curtain deals with the north/south devide between the US and Mexico, and was left on chilli South Beach
Team Wolf: GeoMap Radwegepläne, Stuttgart und Umgebung (Cycle Maps of Stuttgart & Umgebung) get a view over the edge of the city before strapping on a helmet and whizzing away
Team Tophat: Hangover Square in Millenium Square, along with a hangover kit - found by a very appreciative new member!
Team Racecar stop to play Pooh Sticks
Team Racecar: Kengus Kafe (Ru's Cafe) returnes home to the Hundred Acre Woods 
Team Tulip: The Undutchables next to a pint sized orange tree, on Queen's day
Team Boot: The Kite Runner, in a kite eating tree
Team Train: The Ballard of the Sad Cafe at the aptly named Sad: Cafe
Team Iron:  Taking on the World at Southchurch Park in South end on sea...
Team Thimble: Engeldienste (Services of Angles) below a statue of Angle St. Michael
GoG: Frankenstein, in a thunder & lightening storm (It's ALIVE!)

Bonus Points going out to:
Team Wolf for the cycle helmet :D
Team Train for the most ideally named cafe possible
Team Boot for the Kite Eating Tree

Safety first for Team Wolf; careful not to fall...
Team Thimble at the feet of an angle
Team Top hat were seeing square by the end of the night...
Tulip's cure for homesickness

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