Thursday, 17 May 2012

Turn Four And A Bit

Lilac Towels. yum.
All Monopoly Teams are challenged to make 2 extra releases on 25th May; One themed to towels, one themed to lilac.

Wanna Know Why? My reason is threefold;
1) Because I am Gog, and I can ;)
2) For Towel Day, in honour of Douglas Adams & h2g2 (you don't need to have read the book. Just so long as you know what a towel is)
3) For The Wearing of the Lilac, in honour of Tezzer Pratchett and Altzheimers research (you also don't need to have read the book. just so long as you know what lilac is.)

I'm not completely mad (well.... not about this, anyway), look;

the first year I wore the lilac, I wondered if Pratchett had chosen that day in honour of it's being towel day, as Night Watch (the book the date is referenced in) was published about 9 months after the first towel day... I still don't know. But I know TP and Adams were friends :)

the book you release doesn't have to be Hitchhikers, or Discworld

these TWO releases per team will both count for points as normal, and I will be giving bonus points for the towellyest and lilacyest, or the weirdest or the funniest or the shiniest...

Submit your releases via PM to me by 9PM 26th May, and I'll announce bonus points/blog after that

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