Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Turn Four Releases

Team Racecar get building
Team Iron: La musica del mondo (The Music of the World) in Parco della Musica (Music Park)
Team Racecar: Bable Tower in a homemade multi-linguall Tower of Bable
Team Battleship: Nils Holgerssons Underbara Resa Genom Sverige (Nils Holgerssons Wonderful Journey Through Sweden) in Smygehuk, the southernmost part of Sweden
Team Boot: Dublin Wit at he Nail in the Pale / The Erection at the Intersection / The Stiletto in the Ghetto ...
Team Thimble: Begrabt mein Herz an der Biegung des Flusses (Bury My Heart At The Bend Of The River) at bend of the river Kocher in Schwäbisch Hall
Team Tulip: Water Hazard on the ferry, and The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy in amongst the towels
Team Tophat: The Ha-Ha sent out with a box of books to kick-start a new OBCZ
Team Train: Australia's Rugged Interior 'out west' in Cowra
Team Wolf: Flächenland (Flatland) at a not very flat, but indeed very dimensional sculpture
Team Moneybag: Le capuchon du moine (The Monk's Hood) singing "hoooooooommmmmmmmmmmme" in a little wooden house
Team Scottie-Dog: The Little Book of Chocolate is bound to be every chocoholics favourite
GoG: On the Origin Of The Species outside the Royal Society

Bonus Points go to...
Team Racecar for tower building 
Team Moneybag for sheer silliness
Team Tulip for inspiring a whole new turn 
Team Scottie-Dog, becasue we can all empathise when the best laid plans go astray

And I hope everyone saw Turn Four and A Bit already....

Team Boot at The Rod to God

Team Tulip get wet

Team Wolf are not in Flatland anymore...

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