Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Team Wheelbarrow 2011

Team Wheelbarrow are:
- katrinat (UK)
- davemurray101 (Australia)
- Haugtussa (Norway)
- nattabee (USA) (no longer playing)
- Frogglin (Australia) (no longer playing)

Team's Releases:
Market: The Best of Mrs Beeton's Easy Everyday Cooking
Collect the Browns Genesis Machines
Playground: The Awkward Age
City Centre; Brød
Cinemas and theatres: Catch Me If You Can
Collect the light blues:  
Shopping Centre: Little Comic Shop of Horrors 
Rainbow's End: Before Night Falls
Sports Ground: Den trettende fortellingen
OBCZ: Earth
Tree: The Hornbeam Tree
Collect the Oranges: Oranges are not the only fruit plus a bonus point
Planes and Trains:
Go: Go Tell It On The MountainStjernestøv - Hurrah, A Bonus Point!
Chance Card: High & Low double release - Vidunderbarn (bonus point)
Community bookshelf: Sepulchre

Current Score: 19

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