Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Team Thimble 2011

Team Thimble are:
- azuki (USA)
- ApoloniaX (Germany)
- prachitulshan (India)

Team's Releases:
Playground: So That's How I Was Born
Restaurant: In The Miso Soup plus a bonus point 
Tables & Chairs: The Silver Chair
Historic Places; Dead Watch
Collect the reds; Trail of the dead 
Square: Boy Who Loved Anne Frank - another Bonus Point! and a catch, with re-release
Cafe:  Aa Chai Aa Chai Chai
Museums & Galleries: Gods Behaving Badly bonus point!
Collect the Yellows: Contradictionary
School: Full House -  bonus point
Castles and Palaces: Crathes Castle and Garden Guidebook
Statues and Monuments: The Pillars of the Earth
Collect the greens: Irish Fairy Tales  
Park: Mansfield Park 
Hotel: Männer sind wie Schokolade
Collect the Dark Blues: Inheritance of Loss

Passing Go: Home - Bonus Point! How to Cook Everything
Power station: Ignited Minds which earned a Bonus Point!
Community Bookshelf: Chocolat (book caught) 
Nottingham: Hide
Chance card - buried teasure challenge; Truckers

Current Score: 31

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