Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Team Scottie-Dog 2011

Team Scottie-Dog are:
- abigailann (UK)
- bradgirl (UK)
- wal-89 (UK)

Team's Releases:

Shopping Centre: Shopaholic & Baby 
Rainbow's End: Where Rainbows End - and a bonus point
Bench: Perfect Day Hurrah - Bonus Point!
Collect the Pinks: Four Play
Tree: Robin Hood
Historic Places: The Temple of a Million Years: Vol. 2 (Ramses)
Restaurant: Teddybears Eat Out
school: Mr Majeika And The School Book Week
castles and palaces; The Queen and I - book caught
hotel: Hotel World

passing go: Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban - Bonus point!
Chance card: Pies and Prejudice
community bookshelf: The Killing Floor (book caught, then re-released and caught again!)
Nottingham:  Play Dead 
Power station:
Super speed: Puzzle School

This Team Caught:
The Picture of Dorian Grey

0.5 points stolen!

Current Score: 22.5

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