Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Team Battleship 2011

Team Battleship are:
- sailorarby (USA)
- Solittletime (USA)

Team's Releases:
Market: Sandstorm
Church About Grace
Collect the browns: Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Dead Eagles 
Rainbow's End: All The Right Places 
Cinemas and Theatres; The Bridesmaid
City Centre: The Center This book got caught!  
Playground: The Monsters of Templeton
Collect the light blues: The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet
Sports Ground: Spalding's World Tour
OBCZ: A Week In The Zone
Tree: Howards End is on the Landing  
Collect the Oranges: I Feel Orange Today  plus a bonus point!
Historical Places: Fahrenheit 451
Statues and Monuments The Monster of Florence
Park: The Amusement park Mystery
Hotel: A Killer Plot
Collect the Dark Blues; Man in the Dark

Water: The Island
Super Speed:  Harlequin NASCAR: Speed Dating and a bonus point 
Nottingham: Castles
Passing Go: Go Huckle Go , Death At La Fenice 
Half a point stolen by Team Top Hat :(

Current Score: 24.5

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