Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Turn Seven Releases

The World's First Bookcrossing Gnome?
Team Racecar: Running in Heels in a proper runner's shoe
Team Thimble: MacBeth in Shakespeare's Globe (well... nearly). And Relic: Museum der Angst (Relic; Museum of Fear) leaf wearing a scary mask in a Voodoo Museum
Team Scottie-Dog: Iron, Potassium, Nickel released, along with a can of Irn-Bru, to steal a point from Team Fizzy Pop? Whoever it steals from, it already won Team Scottie-Dog a catch and new member! 
Team Moneybag: Chats released into the Gnome Community. They also released Coeur de prêtre, coeur de feu (Priest's Heart, Heart on Fire) in a church
Team Boot: The Big Tour left at a ritzy-ditzy Golf Course by an equally ritzy-dizty (even if he doesn't know it) Bally 
Team Train: From Strength to Strength in a Solar Power Station 
Team Wolf: The Girl With the Broken Wing meets for creatures with wings very much intact
Team Tulip: Pause between Acts waits to be caught when play stops for rain 
Team Battleship: North Dallas Forty goes wide as well as wild. The Blue Light Project visits The House of Blues. Stranger in a Strange Land forms the basis for a truly fan-tastic Lost TV tribute
Team Tophat: Newfoundland & Labrador celebrates the most easterly states: Happy Canada Day
GoG: Rum and Runestones buried treasure, for those who have a map to find it... 

GoG's been on the Grog
Bonus Points Go To: 
Team Moneybag for thinking tiny!
Team Racecar, because frankly GoG loves anything to do with pretty shoes ;)
Team Train for supporting renewable energy
Running in sensible shoes
Scot Irn from the Scottie Dogs
Team Wolf make some new friends

Die ganze welt ist bühne

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