Monday, 16 July 2012

Turn Eight Releases

Team Moneybag: La Hyène at an exhibition of animals in art, with a lovely JE from a new member
Team Racecar: Hiroshima (and some sweeties!) forfills the wish of a Team Wolf member. Mörk kust hopes to be picked up by a holiday maker on the way to Go[t]Land
Team Tulip: Thomas & Friends Story Treasury released on Thomas. That must have been surreal for him.
Team Iron: Cider With Rosie and a pizza - I hope Rosie likes extra cheese ;) 
Team Thimble: Über die Alpen released to help people in the nearby divorce court to realise that single live can be a whole new exciting frontier
Team Boot: Us^2 gets... squared
Team Scottie-Dog: Gold at the end of the rainbow (where else?!)
Team Wolf: The Two Towers the middle of Lord of the Rings, left in Middle Earth - caught with a new member. Tod und Teufel at the blue stone, with something that GoG suspects is not actually a jellybean.
Team Battleship: The Lorax gets protective over a tree
Team Top Hat: Bee's Book of Big and Small on a lovely smooth day out with the family, Kiss Me, Kill Me
outside a police station reflects the rougher side of life
Team Train: Rising Sun is in the east, of course! 
GoG:  Made in Britain at the British Museum, where just about nothing is made in Britain, just 'acquired' in our empire days (Sorry Greece!)

Bonus Points go to:
Team Iron, for getting two releases into one
Team Thimble for a very different interpretation of New Frontiers
Team Train for keeping it simple and elegant
Team Boot for inclusion of maths humour
Team Wolf for Forum Post of the Week

Team Moneybag go on safari hoping to spot the elusive AF
Bruuuum Bruuuum
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
Smooth water...
... Rough times
Hopefully it won't be found by Orcs...

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