Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Turn Nine Releases

Team Moneybag swing the blues away
 Team Battleship: Go the F**k to Sleep in honour of singing group The 5th Dimension's hit 'I didn't get any sleep at all'
Team Boot: Oravan portaat one of Kasenka's favourite poetry books, in her favourite places to visit
Team Iron: Badewannenblues (Bath tub) in a bathtub of it's own, along with all the other essentials needed to take a bath
Team Moneybag: Sa Majesté des Mouches a bright blue book relaxing in it's very own bright blue hammock, under a bright blue sky... but not for long, already caught! Not so much luck for Das böse Mädchen, as they got lost on the way to the release spot.... but eventually found a pointer to give them the right direction
Team Racecar: Vilsen i världen (Lost in the World) so that all those lost travelling tourists know they are not alone
Team Thimble: Lalu lalula, arme kleine Ophelia hanging out over the edge of a bog. Das Feuermal (Port Wine stain, or literally Fire Stain) left in a water fountain near the fire station, so we can be sure the fire does not spread
Team Tophat: Playing for Pizza plays the organ in a pizza joint (it's trendier than playing the piano in a gin joint)

Team Train: Change the World for Ten Bucks should help you square up your karma whatever your budget
Team Iron gone Quackers
Team Tulip: The Bellmaker rings the bell for the London Olympics from the Helsinki Olympic stadium
Team Wolf: Meine Tage als Spitzenreiter. Letzte Wahrheiten über Fußball got taken to see the football
Team Scottie-Dog: The Master Butchers Singing Club wings it's way to a wisher 
GoG: Light Lifting at the beginning of the rainbow spectrum... inside a microwave

Bonus Points:
Team Battleship for two reasons for a sleepless night in one release ;)
Team Iron for inclusion of a rubber ducky (!)
Team Moneybag for swing construction

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