Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ten Again...

Moneybag's book tree
Scottie Dogs find out all about the Hotel World, whilst Team Cannon went to stay in the crooked house hotel, and took a spirit level to check how wonky Bally's bed was. Unable to sleep, they stepped out into the dark blue night to watch some fireworks and release The Light Fantastic - they saw this book get picked up... but no journal entry so far :(

AHH! Spiders!
Team Boot are very brave - this week they went on a lunch date with One Dangerous Lady at the Black Widow Cafe... and it seems they survived. Team Iron also headed to a local cafe this turn, taking Joseph Andrews with them, where they celebrated their catch and new bookcrosser (who wants to know if he can have a bonus point)! Meanwhile, The Thimbles settled down to a cup of chai in Kolkata's most popular 'adda' spot.

Trains playing musical statues
Battleships are cheering along (whoever he may be?) by releasing Go Huckle Go in front of a Go Maine sign. Gamehost has a theory that Huckle is Bally's alter-ego (like Clark and Superman) and Battleships want him to run so fast he kicks up a sandstorm. Team Train going no where fast - they're frozen in time and standing statue still

Wet Wolves
Team Moneybag agree with  the Wheelbarrows; Oranges are not the only kind of fruit

Team Racecar leave jewels in the tower of London, whereas Team Wolf have fun playing with sandcastles (gamehost is very proud that she resisted the temptation to make jokes about what dogs normally do in sandpits....)
Hmm... tea!

Top hats are tipped to uncommon heroines and one extrodinary hero

Team Wheelbarrow take a global approach to the concept of high, with a release in the Svalbard (Norway), the northern-most large town.

Bonus Points:
Team Iron, a point to give to their AF sign up
Team Wheelbarrow for their latitude attitude

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