Monday, 12 September 2011

Nine[ty] Nine Luft'ball[y]'ons

Bally on show
Team Train ensured that Bally was most certainly not Behind the Scenes at the Museum - he was right out front, on his own plinth and everything!

More works of art come in the form of this week's colourful releases;  Thimbles see red with two terrifying releases (Trail of the Dead and Dead Watch), Wheelbarrow demonstrate that Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, Team train are as yellow as Bally himself, and Team battleship are midnight blue with Bally as their Man in the Dark.

Team battleship release a copy of  The Amusement Park Mystery in an amusement park (obviously) whilst Scottie-Dogs have no time for play, they are busy with the start of term and Mr Majeika And The School Book Week.  

Team Wolf continue there good luck with another catch and AF sign up from their latest release, left in one of the official German booktrees (more info on these here, for German speakers). Meanwhile, Team wheelbarrow opt for a more Earth-bound OBCZ. 

Team Iron prove that Bally is a golly good sport (what-ho) with a PG Wodehouse release to would make Bertie proud. Bertie would also approve of the Top Hats, being very stylish on Clotilde's Edible Adventures in Paris

looks like they weren't the only peckish ones - Team Boot need new notches in their belt after having Sandwichs in salt Lake City, tapas in Spain, and going out for a posh dinner in Holland... all at the same time! phew! 
After all that nosh, Moneybags decided that Bally was looking a bit it of shape and ought to work on his Body a little bit, so sent him to do a power-workout at the gym. Bally did not like this, he tells me that he much prefers power naps.

Oh - and before I go, I must warn you all that the Cannons are clearly trying to intimidate members of the other teams by sending them scary parcels... full of eye balls and monsters (with the occasional book thrown in, of course). If you receive one of these threatening packages, please do not be concerned - I have been assured that the cannons are in fact harmless.

This weeks bonus points go to...
Moneybag for original thinking
Trains for providing Bally a platform to show off
Wheelbarrows for persuading a tree to grow books

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