Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Not-Ten-gham and Nonsense

Turn Ten's Nottingham Uncon celebratory releases, starting as far away from central England as we can and working inwards;

Team Thimble are not a very good shot - their arrow goes astray and ends up 4371 miles away in Sherwood, Miami, Florida... no wonder Robin never got the warning to go and Hide

From 4367 miles away Team Iron celebrate Nottingham's exports of lace and Hollywood versions of history (most notably Disney's Foxy Robin Hood)

3768 miles away from Nottingham ought to be far enough away for an Outlaw to hide from the Cannon-fire, right? Good job there's still a Robin Hood Inn Sherwood!*

Team Battleship are sailing 3117 miles away from Nottingham Castle, but still manage to find a Castle kitchen

814 miles from Not-effing-ham, Team Boot can be seen celebrating Kosher Cookery

A Train journey of 257 miles is a long way... Robin hides in the bushes so as not to be caught en-route 

Team Racecar are not used to pedal-power, so cannot manage to cycle the 108 miles to Nottingham in honour of the area's Raleighs, but release a copy of  The White Woman on the Green Bicycle anyway

63 miles away, in the Robin Hood Pub, a Scottie Dog wants to Play Dead 

Somewhere in the city, Robin Hood is hiding away all the Moneybags he stole from King John... let's hope he doesn't find them

At the very centre of the bookcrossing shrine, Goddess of Game is drunk and getting stroppy - 'Don't You Know Who I Am?' she asks; 'I demand a sacrifice to appease my ire!'. None of the other Bookcrossers know what she is on about, but fortunately Team Wolf are on hand to make wild releases right in her lap...
GoG is normally much more attractive than this (hopefully)
... and so, the wrath of GoG abated, the game continues

Nottingham Bonus Release Bonus Points go to:
Scottie-Dogs, for awesome crafting skills
Team Wolf for sacrificial releases and assorted bribery (namely cigarettes, alcohol and toy frogs)
And Team Boot, because I don't care what you all think that was effing hilarious 

*oh dear... the puns are getting worse... sorry.

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