Monday, 10 September 2012

Turn Twelve Releases

*tap tap tap*

Team Thimble: The Secret Garden released in a village called Rosengarten (rose garden)
Team Racecar: Paradisets portar (Gates of Paradise) left on a stautue which will hopefully help them fly heavenward...
Team Train: Let It Bleed released in the blood bank, whilst Follow the North Star directs people to the Planetarium

Team Moneybag: Ce que vivent les roses (What Roses Live) released in the hedge ('edge if you say it with a french accent!), whilst 150 petites expériences de psychologie is left to assist those well know reds the PCF
Team Iron: Marcovaldo left in the metro, Adressat unbekannt (address unknown) left in an unaddressed envelope at a packing station and Cipolla (cucinare con la...) (Cooking with Onions) at a food market
Team Boot: The Backyard Safari goes exploring! And When We Were Orphans wings its way to a wisher
Team Tophat: Weekend Woodworking with Power Tools will help any finder build a table & chairs, Hit by a Farm in the community garden, and The Natural Soap Book at an old handwashing pump
Team Battleship: Kahala, Where the Rainbow Ends a book about the rainbow Maiden released on a sunny with showers kinda day in hope of appropriate weather....
Team Scottie Dog: The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy cheers up some commuters, who may also find Love in the Dark
Team Tulip: Pilgrim's Rest on Museum Street in the old part of town, Oranges are Not the Only Fruit in amongst the oranges at the market
Team Wolf: Der Zauberer von Oz wearing red shoes because there's no place like home,  maybe Wednesday Wizard can help her get there? 
GoG: Six Easy Piece at an Astronomy Festival where everyone is in heaven because there is no cloud and we can see the moons of Jupiter :)

Moneybag smell the roses
Team Iron hope they won't be returned to sender
DIY with Team Tophat
Team Tophat get rural
Team Tophat are squeaky clean
Team Battleship take cover in case of rain
Team Tulip go old sckool
Ignore that man behind the curtain
Team Train go off planet
Bonus Points:

Team Moneybag for accented theme
Team Iron for unmarked evelope release
Team Tophat for DIY release
Team racecar flying high

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