Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Turn Thirteen Releases

I do hope Team Iron aren't burning books now!

Team Battleship: Fluke is sent in a completely appreciated attempt to butter up GoG ;)
Team Scottie Dog: Teacher's Dead hopefully isn't a premonition around the Gaelic School in Glasgow, and The Secret Garden in a secret garden
Team Racecar: De röda skorna (The Red Shoes) in the red area of a red restaurant... complete with red shoelaces
Team Boot: In the Forest has lost it's reader :(
Team Thimble: Liebe kennt keine Jahre is in the middle of nowhere, while Todesblues sees off the blues (English meaning) by getting blue (German meaning; tipsy!)  in the Blue Monkey bar and Gute Nacht, mein Geliebter (Good Night My Lover) snuggles down in an IKEA bed
 Team Wolf: Alaska is an old book in a new castle. 
Team Tophat; The Calculus Affair (Adventures of Tintin) in honour of Snowy, the scottie dog... 
Team Moneybag:  A square note on a square book on a squareish chair  in a square. 
Team Iron: Der Hexenanwalt - the middle of a trilogy, in the middle of the stairs
Team Racecar: The Summer Without Men makes a first time bookcrossing-accomplice feel just as on edge as the heroine of the book!
Team Train: Playing for Pizza makes GoG think she might even be interested in sport if there was a chance of winning pizza!
Team Tulip: De Hobbit released over second breakfast :D

squares in squares in squares

Bonus Points go toooooooo......
Team Thimble for multi-lingual wordplay
old and new
Team Battleship because GoG is completely open to blatant bribery
Team Racecar for roping a newbie (even an unofficial one) into their first release

play stops for lost books!

Lost... found?
woof woof

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