Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Turn Ten Releases

Vroom Vroom
Team Tulip: On the limit: Panasonic Toyota Racing in 2002 with two BC cars so the finder can do their own toy racing
Team Scottie-Dog: Bridget Jones the Edge of Reason pulls back tired parents from the edge of reason, already caught with a new member too!
Team Boot: Cell is revealed to be the answer to their game of Who Am I on the forums... and another catch!
Team Top Hat: Five on a Hike Together is recommended as a great way to encourage a love of reading - dropped off at the favourite walking spot of Han-Cat's family (after some debate over where was favourite, of course!). Another catch with a lovely JE and a new member - we're on a roll this turn it seems!
Team Iron: Le Donne Del Club Omicid runs west, following Christopher Columbus from the Hotel Carvel to America! Der goldene Kompass (The Golden Compass) points the way!
Team Wolf: Anabasis Text in Auswahl at the Tree of Hippocrates... Oranges are Not the Only Fruit in another tree

Team Battleship: Caribbean in the underground stronghold of the Kingdom of Nymeria, - at the start of the underground tunnel that was built as a secret escape route in case of attack. Harry's Mad 
is about a parrot who's favourite game is Monopoly, and he always plays with the Battleship piece - released with the pigeons in Thomas Square to give them an idea of their tropical fellow birds.
Team Thimble: Asche und Diamant sent off to a wishful recipient
Team Train: Round Tower at the Top of The World Revolving Restaurant, on the top floor of the Atlantic Tower Motel. The Yellow Wallpaper in with the Yellow paint at a hardware shop, since (apparently) wallpaper isn't trendy enough to sell!
Team Moneybag: Le bĂȘtisier du bac (The Blooper Reel) - a collection of nonsense homework & exam answers, in front of a high school. Pink Moon on a pink board at Ikea
Team Racecar: Ut i naturen breaking biological boundaries in the forest of insect-kind.
GoG: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on Platform 9 3/4

Bonus Points go to...
Teams Racecar & Scottie Dog for original interpretations of their themes
Team Iron for Naval Engineering Trivia
Team Train for interior décor fashioning

Team Scottie-Dog's sanity is in the balance
Team Top Hat take a stroll
Battleships prepare to skip the Kingdom
Team Moneybag don't need to wear ass's ears!

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