Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Turn Eleven Releases

What'cha readin'?
Team Racecar: Jonas released by a teeny tiny school, Jeg lovet deg aldri en rosenhave (I never promised you a Rose-garden) in a ... herb garden
Team Boot: Catch Me released in superspeed time
Team Moneybag:  Die erstaunliche Geschichte des Max Tivoli makes perfect reading material for a statue
Team Thimble: The Underpainter continues it's journey westwards
Team Train: Michael Schumacher: Ferrari Racing 1998 left at the Speed Shop.
Team Scottie-Dog: Wizard of Oz warns passers-by about the Wicked Witch of theWest [Street] - book caught with a new member!
Team Iron: Temeraire / His Majesty's Dragon released at the Sir Frances Drake Hotel, since he was also known as The Dragon. The dragon theme continued with a dark blue copy of Eragon
Team Tulip: Such a Long Journey released at the start / 'Go' point of a nature trail... Faceless Killers in the middle of a nature trail... Blue Diary at the end of a nature trail
Team Battleship: Mystery of Cabin Island retro edition, left outside a vintage/antique store
Team  Tophat: Bonjour Tristesse / een Verre Glimlach / Houdt U van Brahms
(Hello Sadness and two other collected works) refers to the Dutch/ German version of the expression 'feeling blue'. Fietsen door Nederland left on a bike outside a sports park.
Team Wolf: New Zealand Fishes left with some giant shells
GoG: Sandcastles Made Simple left with a bucket and spade on a rainbow beach

old book searches for new reader
Bonus points:
Team Train go whizzing by
Team Scottie Dog for funny word play
Team Top-hat for keeping us in suspense up until the last possible second
Team Tulip for using the themes to related all three releases together

GoG encourages passers-by to build her a castle
Team Wolf hit the beach

Team Top Hat have got the blues...

Team Racecar go back to school



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