Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Turn Five Releases

Team Thimble are just hanging around
 Team Wolf: A mystery book added to the community bookshelf...
Team Scottie Dog: Beatrix Potter's Treasured Tales; this buried treasure in a playground pirate ship was caught by a new member with a great JE
Team Train: Little Red Train's Race to the Finish at a miniature railway park
Team Boot: The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets flies off to Vienna, King Arthur doesn't like tables with corners, Eläimet ja muu kotiväkeni  (My family and other animals) goes dog-alking to collect some 'browns'
Team Moneybag: 5 fruits et légumes par jour (5 fruit and vegetables per day) waves au revior to malbouffe at a fast food joint
Team Thimble: Blutige Steine hung on the antlers of a shooting trophy, in hopes that someone will come a-hunting for books...
Team Tulip: Cat's Cradle left knotted up in the wool
Team Racecar: Cirkeln is sent as a warning from the fifth dimension to the new member who caught this book
Team Tophat: Niet meer slapeloos (Not Sleepless Any more) gets a good nights rest in a room at the Hotel Eggers
Team Battleship: A Month of Sundaes puts them on Cloud 9, feasting in a home-made icecream store
Team Iron: The Girl Who Fell from the Sky lands on her bum sitting with a good view of Table Mountain, Shem Creek B goes to view some films
Team Train: The Footsteps of Anne Frank are found at memorial wall
GoG:  The Greatest Sci-fi Movies Never Made tries to hitch a lift home along with ET, in the front basket of a hire-bike 

Bonus points:
Team Wolf for the mystery book
Team Thimble for sheer audacity
Team Racecar attract new members
Team Boot for a massive gross out factor
Team Scottie Dog enjoy a pirate's life
Team Train's book is as big as their railway
Team Boot fly away
Team Boot earning a knighthood
Team Moneybag have the munchies
Team Tulip all tied up
Team Battleship get desert
Team Train's anti-aging crème is excellent

1 comment:

  1. Ha Ha! I want me some o' that anti-aging creme too!

    Great releases everyone!!