Monday, 16 April 2012

Turn Two Releases

Team Racecar over the rainbow
Team Batttleship's origami skills...

Team Racecar: The Rainbow Bridge released at the Dublin Convention, and caught by a conventioneer

Team Battleship: The Silver Chair (the middle of the series) released in the middle of the day in the middle of the month, in the middle of the year, in the middle of Middle Street
Team Thimble: Ten Big Ones in Trinity Collage Library, with some assistance from a lovely librarian
Team Boot: Ystäväni Nahani released to steal a point from Team Wolf (Hope you were careful of their teeth...)
Team Moneybag: La Voie et sa vertu : Tao-tê-king released outside Nouvelles Frontières travel agent, a bi-lingual book splitting the difference between France & China 
Team Wolf: Xena teaches feminism, sword weilding and covert lesbianism at historic Otago Girls High School
Team Tophat bemoan the plexiglass
Team Tulip: Atomised joins in the clean energy debate at the Electric Company of Helsinki
Team Iron: Granted a wish for a copy of Harry Potter e la Pietre Filosofale
Team Scottie Dog: The Copper Beech at the bookies during AinTREE races
Team Tophat: T.J.'s Secret Pitch at an unexpectedly new ball park memorial
GoG: Brussels got lost - not in Belgium, but in with the sprouts!

Bonus Points go to...
 - Team Battleship for the most middles, and excellent origami skills
 - Team Boot for storytelling good enough to make wolves howl

Wait... this isn't the Manneken Pis...

Team Tulip get mutated with a nuclear release

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