Monday, 23 May 2011

And They're Off...

(Hint: Bonus points announced at the end of the post... scroll down if your too impatient to read your way there)

Team Wolf
Turn one got an absolute flying start with our first release of the game from Team Wolf, who left a copy of Der Sturm (hem, that's The Tempest) in a theatre, which got caught and had an AF sign up for bookcrossing! What a great omen, here's hoping the rest of the game goes like that too. 
Completing the same challenge, Team Cannon left a copy of Marley & Me  by an old 1920's art deco theatre that's being renovated by the local community.

Team Thimble
The Thimbles left a copy of Ignited Minds: Unleashing The Power Within India by a power station near Dehli University, hoping it'll spark the attention of some students. 
Also electrifying the board (Ed: I have an unlimited reserve of bad puns. Sorry) were Team Train, who managed to tie in lots of reasons behind their release; The Red Power Murders was written by an aboriginal candian left and was left near the Aboriginal Centre, hanging from plug sockets in the car park (used to keep car engines ticking over to stop them freezing up in the winter time. It gets COLD in Winnipeg, apparently), on a location that used to be a train station – how appropriate can you get?

Team Train
The Scottie Dogs got tails thumpin to the beat with a Radio Two themed release; Pies and Predjudice by Stuart Maconie left outside a Johnnie Walker gig. Team Top Hat were obviously the centre of attention this week, because team member Wal-89 received a wishlist book (The Picture of Dorian Grey) as Team Iron's contribution to the community bookshelf. But being such an eyecatching team isn't always a great thing: they inspired Team Top hat to steal their release challenge and take half a point from them; in a tip of the hat to two teams, they released, at the local symphony hall, a copy of The City And the City – so borrowing from Scottie Dog's music release and Battleship's city centre challenge!
The Battleships themselves released a copy of The Center in the city centre.

Team Racecar
Team Racecar got a Mini (geddit? Oh, the wit) assitant to help them bury Where the Wild Things Are in a playground sandpit – of course making X mark the spot, in hope that some little pirates (or paleatologists) might find the treasure.
Team Wheelbarrow
Another team decided to leave behind squabbling for the swingset and headed to pull some Wheelbarrow stunts at their local skatepark, but unfortunatly An Awkward Age fell out of their pockets whilst doing kick flips; maybe it'll help one of the half-pipers to know that pubescence sucks but we all go through it!

Team Moneybag
Team Boot headed off to take Bally and a few friends shopping, leaving Get Out of My Life, but First Could You Drive Me & Cheryl to the Mall and a shopping bag full of other themed books there to hang out with the Mallrats. All worth it because, oh my didn't bally look pretty in a new outfit? So much so that team moneybag presented him with a sash and awards so that he could be beauty queen – or rather beauty king; all hail The King in Yellow, king Bally!

Bonus Points go to...
Thimbles for their hand crafted lightbulb shaped post its
Trains for their 'triple word score'
Racecar, because burying the book was an awesome idea
Moneybag, for their dressed up book